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For the record – the little cherman garden is having a fantastic tomato year – best ever. This morning’s harvest included 17 tomatoes, 10 cucumbers, a quarter cup of ripe arugula seed for planting, and 9 crabs in the crab pot at the dock. #lovelocal

garden bounty aug 20

morning fog

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…lays low on the land. It’s just starting now, and builds into autumn as the days go. By September, most mornings will be pea-soup thick, echo-y and dense, surrounding us in  a wet, warm mist. Wonderful.

horse in fog

fog in beanfield


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about as good as it gets…as good as it gets


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Kent Narrows, MD


The A Team

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zip and kg paddleboarding

albino deer!!

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So, I’m driving down the 579 road this evening, talking on the phone blah blah, telling the story of how cool the St. Michaels Chris Noyes concert in the park was, and I spy on the side of the road what appeared in my peripheral vision to be a Great Dane standing with a bunch of deer, and I said “whoa! Call you back!” and I whipped into reverse, and by the time I got there, stopped, pulled the lens cap off and focused…well, you see what happened.

I missed the shot!!

But…I got part of it.

How cool is that?

albino deer

end of day #ChesBay

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I watched a great blue heron fish for his supper this evening. Over a span of some 90 minutes, he hid in the shadows, and stealthily stalked up on minnows and small perch.  It took a good 15 minutes between bites, but he was focused, still and steady. I was hoping to catch a view of the young heron – it hatched nearby not so long ago – we spied it in mid-July and it was about 2 foot tall. They say the chicks grow to 4 feet in just 12 weeks.

Slowing my own personal pace down to Harris Cove time, I sat, watched, and listened. The pops and squirts, the barn swallows and egrets, distant sound of a boat. Laughter, from across the water in the distance. The ever-present birdsong. Time, just sliding by. And we’re either there, in that moment, or – all too often – not. I was in that moment, all of them – tonight.


end of day


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