Spied on the street today in Easton…

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whatcha gut?

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gut fish?


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It might not be the exact right date, but Happy 81st, Mom!

Happy 81 Mom

Classics on parade in St. Michaels

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Easter weekend in St. Michaels means the start of the season, and this year began with a classic car parade put on by the Classic Motor Museum of St. Michaels, a new project that is already an exciting addition to our town. The group has restored the town’s historic Pinkett House for use as a welcome center and office, and their site on East Marengo St. next to the winery, the brewery and the distillery at the Old Mill complex is a winner. This summer, they’ll be building a 4800 sq ft car barn that will house rotating exhibits of up to 20 cars at a time. It will be the only museum of its kind on Delmarva, and it’s right here in St. Michaels.

But it’s about more than cars – it’s a motor museum, so don’t be surprised to see exhibits of boat motors, trains, motorcycles and more. The group has far-reaching goals ranging from creating vocational opportunities for youth in the classic car industry to hosting rallies and rides around the region. Ultimately, they’d like the Museum to be able to support St. Michaels community organizations financially.

But first they have to build it, and right there is how you can step in and help. Click here for more info.

And yes, there was an Easter Bonnet contest too! Pretty cool start to the season, St. Michaels!

moody, moody sky

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Dusk, on the last day of the first quarter of 2015.

moody moody sky

The Ballad of Holland Island House by Lynn Tomlinson

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slowest spring ever?

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Even the weeping cherry branches I brought inside the house are slow to emerge. Sure, there are some hints of spring – the peepers, the greening of turf, nesting osprey, the steady movement of the sunrise across the big windows, moving northwest each day.

But man, I sure will be glad to see March march. You?

weeping cherry blooms


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