Carol Kabler’s 100th Birthday

•August 1, 2015 • 3 Comments

On July 21st, Carol turned 100, and the Village of Claiborne celebrated. Her family and friends brought food and champagne, and the Village Hall was packed. Thanks to Jack Harrald’s excellent music selections, the Claiborne Chorale opened with “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby” and that’s about when I started crying. Can you imagine being loved so much by so many people? A hundred years!

Of course Jim Richardson wrote a poem, and so did Anna, Carol’s great granddaughter, who delivered it with the poise and grace befitting the Kabler family. (I love that all the Claiborne kids are so comfortable on stage!) The men stripped down to t-shirts with a tuxedo screenprint and sang to her, with each then stepping up to give her a kiss and a rose (more tears. My heart about burst open at that point.) There was ukulele playing and delicious food (thanks, Mo, for making all those mini crabcakes!) and after it was all cleaned up we sat outside on the picnic tables, ate the rest of the food and drank all of the wine and champagne, telling tall tales and making up stories. A perfect summer evening in the village.

It was a centennial celebration and my heart is full as I write these words. Carol Kabler, you inspire us!

week at the creek

•July 22, 2015 • 3 Comments

delicious words

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So I taped a magazine photo into my physical journal (as opposed to this digital one) this morning, and grooved on the photo of food so much that I was inspired to write down a list of everything in the photo. I found the process of simply writing those words to be as good as having that pile of deliciousness in front of me, ready to cook.


And you’d imagine my pleasure when six hours later, I read my favorite food columnist Jean Sanders’ ‘Food Friday’ column from yesterday. She did the same thing! Check it out here.


Celebrated 30 years…

•July 7, 2015 • 6 Comments

…with a boat ride/fishing/takeout crabcakes n’ slaw from #ChesapeakeLanding and enjoyed abundant perch/osprey/birds/humid southerly winds/lotsa tiny rockfish/one wacky little westie, and the sounds/scents of the #ChesapeakeBay. So lucky, and so cool.

Thank Youniverse!!!

4th of July in #Claiborne, MD 2015

•July 4, 2015 • 2 Comments

second day of summer 2015

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Overnight, spiders slung thin strands from one bed to the other; I missed one morning in the garden and they’ve surrounded it. I walk out with coffee to birdsong and a muggy breeze. Fuzzy bees silently pollinating on this warm Maryland morning. Zip cheerfully skips around, eager, ready to go.

garden june 22, 2015


Food Friday: Meet Jean Sanders

•June 12, 2015 • 1 Comment


Jean pens my absolute favorite weekly column: Food Friday, found in the Talbot and Chestertown Spy online newspapers. If I had the time / talent / connections, I’d be her agent and get her column syndicated nationally – everyone should have access to this! Terrific writing, food ideas, and her links? Yumsters!

Here’s today’s column:


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