Growing oysters

One oyster filters some 50 gallons of water each day. One oyster – on my tongue – is delicious for about 20 seconds.  Hmm……what’s better?…..A?.. …or B?  The story of oyster decline in the Chesapeake, sadly, is like so many other stories of decline in our ecosystems. We’re glad to be here to learn and contribute to efforts to improve the health of the Bay.

Thanks to our friend Johnny OysterSeed from Southern Maryland, we are now growing oysters at our dock.  He brought us his newest creation – the “Revolution” (TM) which uses the tide to turn the float, releasing accumulating waste and ensuring balanced growth. The tumbling helps to promote thicker shells for resistance to predators. He brought us some 3000 spat-on-shell (oyster seedlings that we’ll grow and contribute to a local oyster sanctuary) and about 200 young oysters (that should be ready in time for Kevin’s March birthday celebration). Best of both worlds? Learn more here –

Here Johnny arrives with the Revolution (TM).

He brings two bags of spat on shell

and some young oysters (6 months old)

Here’s Johnny and Kevin setting up the Revolution under the watchful eye of one Bay-wise neice, Rachel (who also happens to be very cool)

Inside, young oysters on the left, spat on shell on the right. In all – some 3200 oysters!

And here it sits at the dock – a footprint of 3″x5″, needing only 18  inches of water depth to operate independently. It can hold up to 4 bushels.

~ by kbosin on November 19, 2009.

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