Bubba lives here in town and wanders wherever he wants, often with his white terrier sidekick, Lenny. Lenny has his own story, including the fact that he bit my friend Glenn a couple weeks ago, but he was super fun with me on the dock the other day – I threw a stick, and Lenny ran and launched himself into the water to get it over and over. Anyway…about Bubba. He lays in the middle of the road – so if you come here – slow down! He may just be laying there in the middle of the street, and he just might be slow about getting up and moving to let you pass. Yesterday I watched him take a big dump right in the front garden of the house for sale across the street. Bubba has a houndy howl, and he lifts his head to yowl…often. You can almost hear him, huh?

~ by kbosin on April 13, 2010.

One Response to “Bubba”

  1. Labrabasset, and a fat one at that!

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