hot dogs

We’ve got that hot and humid weather that I cannot remember in winter, as much as I try to close my eyes and recreate the feeling of it, I never can. We took an after dinner walk to the beach and a little swim last evening, and it was nice, but hardly lasted. Big thunderstorms around 9pm created havoc with Zip panicked and Jesse worried – lots of barking at bedtime. Ugh.

~ by kbosin on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “hot dogs”

  1. Aww … love when the girls sleep like that. Hope my get like that sometime.

  2. Oh, I remember that “barking at bedtime during storms” thing with our dog. Looks like they finally conked out.

  3. Oooo…they look so zonked, but that’s a good thing….right?

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