Kevin: “I don’t know why I love her…..gotta go. Don’t hurt her.”

As if.

I do wish she was cleaner, or someone washed her more often.  And groomed. Kev is so resistant to that – wants her “au natural”. Which, of course is filthy, fu manchu looking facial hair, leaves and yard debris stuck to the side of her head…..ruffff! She growls when you go to grab a piece of bark stuck in her craw. Gimme a break…….. and of course when you take her in for grooming, she comes out looking COMPLETELY ridiculous – they put chalk on her head to make the hair stick out like a westie is supposed to look and some silly ribbon crap around her neck and she looks like somebody else’s dog, “Who’s THAT?” It takes three weeks for her to look familiar again.


~ by kbosin on July 28, 2010.

One Response to “Zip”

  1. Zip appears to be perpetually perplexed about sumthin… new word: perpetplexity (that’s difficult to pronounce!)

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