So, my friend Amy was going home to Michigan for the weekend and I said, sure! Bring (your beagle) Luna here for the weekend, Cynthia and I and the dogs will be here. NO BIG DEAL.

Ahem…… I shoulda known Friday evening when she was so eager about the window, what she was thinking.

It was lovely, for the first two days – Luna was GREAT! Easy, loveable, slept with me twice and napped with me for two hours today, with her chin on my leg. Sweet!

……is what I thought until Luna turned into a completely different dog and went flying out the front door running like a banshee just before noon today. Screaming like a fire engine, shaZAM! She was OUTTA THERE! Holy crap! Cynthia and I ran out of the front door after her and funny, we both dropped our handbags and cameras on the front lawn and ran flying after her. Gone! Dag nabit!

Cynthia ran through Dan Higgin’s yard and I did too, but went back for a leash – darnit! She was GONE! AARGH! Here goes our day! No fun travels for us, we’re going to chase this damn beagle across tarnation and never find her till the end of the day when we find her pancaked on the ground on Mayberry Road. Great. YOU tell Amy that you killed her dog. AARRGH! And the worst part is we were heading out to lunch, and were hungry! Gaaaa!

Run, run, I ran and yelled. Actually, I was running through my neighbor’s backyards screaming “shit! Dammit! LUNA!!!!!! F$%#!” I ran through Mayberry’s main street with the leash, stopping cars and telling them to slow down and generally, freaking out. AARGH! What kind of an awful dog sitter am I? What if it was MY dogs? How could I ever forgive? My neighbors were kind and helpful. Mary Gregorio went looking all around……..

Then, out of nowhere, Luna came screaming at me – PLOWED into me and laid down, panting like a dog who just hijacked out of jail. I tried to hook her up but my hands were trembling and when I tried to pick her up (and she hates that),

and so she split AGAIN! Aaaaaaa! Run, run, run.

She stopped at my yard and laid down and I hooked her up and she’s trapped and in prison once again. Which – is good? I dunno…….

Luna, Luna, Luna. Good/bad dog. I think she knew we were heading out and wants love and people and attention, what’s so wrong about that?? Well, Cynthia reminds me that I might want to add that she figured out how to get out of the gate in the kitchen twice, teaching my dogs the same trick……..

~ by kbosin on September 5, 2010.

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