Early morning sounds in Mayberry, on a Tuesday in September

The ever-present crickets chirp, and some owls hoot back and forth. Locusts buzz.

Around 5 am, I hear a motorbike churn quietly into town, and a little later, someone leaves in a car.

Squirrels wake and are active, I hear their jumps into swaying tree limbs and little squirts.

Robin, cardinal, mockingbird’s repertoire.

A loud truck with a trailer barrels into town, presumably a fisherman, ready for work.

The oyster light appears, and the church steeple is visible through the window blinds. The white of the trim paint glows.

Crows go “uh uh”, and songbirds whistle.  A dove coos.

Zip jumps on my bed and snarls “let me out”.

I get up.

~ by kbosin on September 7, 2010.

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