Hammock napping

So I was browsing a Martha Stewart magazine (oh, c’mon, who doesn’t like to flip through once in a while?) a couple weeks ago and it said – “it’s not too late for one last barbecue……” and I thought – WHAT? It was still August at the time, for God’s sake. Which brings me to hammocks and napping, below:

Now, a nap in any hammock anywhere is an excellent use of time, no matter what. I spent many perfect hours sleeping in hammocks at Slippin’ Falls in Missouri. But hammock napping on the Chesapeake Bay – ahhhhh! Especially with a breeze, salty, wet air and swirling menhaden all around ……..about as good as it gets.

Go back in YOUR mind’s eye to the last good hammock nap/reading/daydreaming/lollygagging time that YOU had. Re-live it. And remember – it’s not too late to have LOTS of good hammock naps yet this year. If you haven’t had one, seek one out.

And I intend to take my own advice, and get at least one good hammock nap before Friday.

~ by kbosin on September 8, 2010.

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