diving terns

at the landing this morning – hovering high above the water, flapping, watching. Then DOWN they go, in a circle, screaming into the – BOOM! – water.  They go deep, come up with a fish and fly off. Mesmerizing to sit and watch them – and to listen this morning, at the landing. Watched an eagle fly low over the water, listened to the chatter of gulls – so many different ones. Looking for osprey, but – are they gone? Neighbors say they usually leave in the 3rd week of September, as reliably as they show up on March 19th around here.

totally reminded me of one of Kevin’s diving tern prints, here, as if he sat right here with me on this day, rather than somewhere in the midwest way back when.

Sun rises late these days, and I watch a couple in a sailboat clinking around with their coffee, moored out past Mayberry…..and a tiny bird sits on the osprey nest. The studio calls, with pics and prints and sketches and paintings. The gulls laughed out loud and I took deep, delicious breaths down at the landing this morning.

~ by kbosin on September 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “diving terns”

  1. The pics, and especially the prints, are absolutely AMAZING! Wow.

  2. Coincidence – just a few minutes ago I dusted the diving terns over my mantle in the bedroom. I am reminded of you both every time I see them.

  3. Oh man….I love me those birds prints!

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