This evening’s results, well….stink….


We didn’t really get down to the landing till late. It was super fun to chase the crabs with the dip net, AND I’m pleased to report that I caught a crab on my FIRST drop of the traps Tom gave me (now, THAT’S auspicious, no?) All in all, it was an awesome evening of crabbing/fishing. 

And, you know what? My parents came through and visited today and they are SO into the crab melts at Chesapeake Landing Restaurant, down the road. I mean – they are INTO the crab melts there. And for good reason – they rock. But Mom and Dad come through and HAVE TO HAVE a crab melt (they do the same thing at Panera; I do the same thing at Pho Grand in St. Louis and Megan Noodle House in Salisbury, but that’s a different post…) So anyway – Mom and Dad came through, we had lunch, and – voila – there’s plenty of extra crab melts for supper – which – reduces my cravings for killing the ones on the pilings at Mayberry right this instant…….and – shaZAM – make for a ready supper. Thanks Mom And Dad!

Do not negatively judge this crab melt because of the pic I took!!!!!!!!!!!! Honest – it’s DELICIOUS! English muffin, crab and a piece of cheddar. And maybe someday I’ll take a food photography class (clearly, I have a lot to learn).

But hey – bottom line?


~ by kbosin on September 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “This evening’s results, well….stink….”

  1. I don’t know – it looks pretty darn tasty to me! And what were you gonna do with one crab anyway – ha!

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