So, I got myself all whipped up about getting Barbara Mikulski’s…

…..autograph on my brand new Maryland voter registration card (I’m in a blue state at last!), and I went to spend a couple hours with the Democrats in Easton today. I went BACK to the car to make sure I had a pen, and pulled out my voter registration card and put it in a quick and easy spot in my camera bag so I could whip it all out at the right moment. Then, my glasses broke, so I had to wear my dark prescription sunglasses inside and I got all mixed up bumping around with the Democrats in the dark Avalon Theater. By the time I made it to the balcony, my voter registration card was long gone – arrgh!!!!!!  But she was there, little bulldog that she is (and I mean that in the nicest, sweetest way). She was great. Poking at the Delaware tea party and all; I’ve loved her ever since I heard an interview with her in the 90s about how she got into politics just because of a road going in through her Baltimore neighborhood back in the 70s…..grrrrrr….

And honestly, ya better keep that fist clenched, sister, because you’ve got a tough fight in this county, anyway. I happened to be on Tilghman Island this morning, and here are some of those neighbors’ perspectives – these few trucks seem to typify the sentiment on our little peninsula on the eastern shore:

Governor O’Malley was there and gave a rousing speech, and the dems were pushed into action today at the Avalon Theater in Easton. But honestly, it’s hard to be FOR any politicians anymore. I heard democratic strategist Donna Brazil on the Diane Rhem show the other day and she said you can bring a new person into every incumbent’s seat in every legislative body in America and nothing will change. The game needs to be changed. I suppose I might agree, it’s all so different now.  But – I still appreciate the heck out of Barbara Mikulski and would have loved to be able to post – just below this comment – a photo of her autograph on my brand new Maryland voter’s registration card…..

~ by kbosin on September 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “So, I got myself all whipped up about getting Barbara Mikulski’s…”

  1. Kathy – that’s for the update/description. I AM SO BUMMED I missed it. I rsvp’d and then totally forgot on this gorgeous day!
    I feel as though I was there thanks to you and your funny remarks.

  2. Haha, its funny when you see someone’s truck you know on an article!

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