What’s Magic at the Eastern Shore Brewery in St. Michaels?

Well, for starters – the heheweizen, named Magic (after a winning log canoe once owned by family friend Jim Wilson, may he RIP). Here they are – ever since Randy the brewmaster came on board earlier this summer, the brews at this local family owned brewery are over the top!

What else is Magic? Ace and Lori Moritz, the owners of the Eastern Shore Brewery. I’ve got a special thing for these two because they opened this business right when we moved into the area – and they were among our first friends here on the eastern shore. Plus, I’ve  got a thing about entrepreneurs and risk-taking and putting all your nuts in one basket and going for it. In less than two years, their beer is flying off the shelves and it’s now available all over the eastern shore, Kent Island, heading into Annapolis and Baltimore and DC.  Look for it!

Third thing that’s Magic? Ace and Lori let Kevin keep his taxidermy heads (buffalo, deer, God knows what else) in the brewery instead of anywhere near my house. Thanks, guys! A round of Magic on me! YUM.

~ by kbosin on September 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “What’s Magic at the Eastern Shore Brewery in St. Michaels?”

  1. Mmmmm… beer…
    Homer Simpson

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to look up “hefeweizen”. I’m not really a beer person (not really much of an alcohol person at all) but the pix were so good I wanted to sample their brew. I, too, love to see entrepreneurial energy thriving and I wish them success and joy!

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