St. Mary’s County Fair

Who knew that the St. Mary’s County Fair would be as big as it was?  Honestly, it was as big as the Nebraska State Fair. Huge.  And who knew that, in a county almost completely surrounded by water (The Bay, the Patuxent River, the Potomac River, the Wicomico River), pigs would be such a big feature at the fair? Well, I suppose pigs are part of any rural agricultural trinity – pigs, corn and soybeans. And St. Mary’s County sure is rural, even with the megalopolis that has taken over Rt. 235 near the Patuxent Naval Base. Dang, has THAT place grown over the past ten years. And sort of unfortunate growth, IMHO. The kind of growth that allows strip mall after strip mall next to each other, extending for miles and miles. Kmart, Walmart, Wawa, Staples, Target, Verizon, KFC, Ruby Tuesday, Taco Bell, need I continue? Uck. You have to drive, drive, drive, into one mall and out to get to the next place just to get any little thing.  But enough about that, it’s about the county fair they had this weekend, which was great fun.

Ya gotta love Lenny’s “ethnic” (italian, polish and german) sausages….

But what you REALLY gotta love is Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham. At the fair, it was sold on white bread as a sandwich. Stuffed Ham is a Southern Maryland classic – delicious! It’s a corned ham – you cut deep slits into it, add minced kale and hot peppers, wrap in cheesecloth (or an old t-shirt, I am not kidding) and boil for a long time. Now, that may not sound fantastic, but you gotta trust me – this stuff is GREAT! Spicy and delicious. And local to Southern Maryland – try McKays’ version. Worth the drive over there. It’s an autumn thing.

My sister and her husband have lived in St. Mary’s County for some 18 years, and have a terrific group of friends. Here are some of them – at the pig auction. They have a history of buying pigs at this event, this year is no exception. Here’s Diane, Johnny Oyster Seed behind her, Dennis with his lucky number and Jennifer too, and below them – not so lucky Pig #22 – 256 pounds, sold at auction for $1.35/lb …… soon to be on a dinner plate in St. Mary’s County.

Below – my sis Laurie, her husband Ed, and Rachel all excited about watching the pig races…..

 ….which were a hoot.

Their motivation? ……….Oreo cookies…………

And like any other county fair, plenty of agricultural items including tobacco leaves seen hanging on the back wall below, tractors, a baby contest, horse events (Rachel got 2nd place in her division – way to go Ray!), and pies, cookies, foods, sheep, cattle, goats, you name it. I saw the same goat judge from the Worcester County Fair in August there, judging away. Great All-American fun, fueled by the requisite funnel cakes, ethnic sausages and ten-ounce Budweisers (more on that topic, some other time). Thanks, sis – for a great weekend!

~ by kbosin on September 27, 2010.

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