Dear Delmarva

……….You’re getting flooded, right now, everywhere. We’ve had a long, slow drought all summer.  Then – WHAM!……… six month’s worth of rain, all in 24 hours…..

R U O K ?

You’re so spongy, that I know you’re soaking all this up as best as you can, but I see water on my street and the yard looks like a lake. Tree branches down and the winds are whirling. Kids got out of school early yesterday and is filled with photos of east coast flooding. Hang in there, Delmarva!

PS – what is UP with the stinkbugs? They are everywhere! The bookstore, the laundry, the parking by Acme and all over inside my house – I’ve picked up and removed a dozen of them in the past two days – everywhere! I heard a thing on NPR about them…..but with no useful answers….

AAAAwwwww ……  what EVER………….Do you know how cool you are?    And how much I love living on you?  You’re doin’ great, Delmarva……..maybe we can work a deal with some of these big winds to just push the darn stinkbugs off to New Jersey.

Stay cool…

Love, KB

~ by kbosin on October 1, 2010.

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