Frustrations of a right brained generalist, PLUS – last day at the farm

Oh, the frustrations of a generalist like me! I’m willing to think I can do most things (as long as they’re not scary, like motorcycles or downhill skiing or white-water anything), and I usually can figure stuff out through trial and error (page layout, accounting software, backing up trailers). But I’m never willing to read instructions much, so I never really learn how to use things (like my camera, or the little external hard drive I bought and keep in a drawer because I’m never really ready to figure out how it works). So, here’s a perfect example of what happens to me all the time: I want to write a post about my last day at the farm. My computer has been warning me about !!LOW DISK SPACE – WARNING!! for weeks. I click on whatever and it does whatever, and I keep going. Photoshop (which I also know nothing about because I won’t read instructions) has been yammering about “scratch disks are full”. What EVER. Usually I just open one picture at a time and shrink it and save it and the scratch disks have no problem with that. Except today, it will not budge. “Scratch disks are FULL, for God’s sake, aren’t you listening????”, it screams at me – and then…….nothing. Stuck again.

Which means I can only post a couple pics of my last day at the farm until I pull that external hard drive out of the drawer and put hundreds of thousands of the millions of photos on my hard drive onto the external drive. Which I’ll get to……real soon. Uh….yeah. Honestly, it might be easier to just get a new computer?

We had a GREAT day at the farm, and another super delicious special lunch (which sorry, my computer will NOT let you see it today – let’s blame Dell). It will let you see the adorable little turkey house that Mark built for those turkeys – yes, they get to stay. You can see Mia, below, doing HER part to keep the turkeys in line.

A big hug and lots of love out to Carol Bean and appreciation for a super fun season of learning and working together. I so enjoyed digging my hands into the Pro-mix for the microgreens yesterday afternoon. Once again, I felt the DNA of all my peasant farmer ancestors swirling around with appreciation inside of me as I did it. And I stuck my nose right down in there and smelled it and whispered to myself  “this one’s for you, Nana!”

~ by kbosin on October 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Frustrations of a right brained generalist, PLUS – last day at the farm”

  1. I think this is my all-time favorite post! I adore your honesty and your way with words: ‘What EVER’… I’m still chuckling…

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