Harvest, honking geese & lovesick deer…

Mayberry’s fields are being harvested this week, and her landscape changes drastically – who knew how much space was obscured by the corn? (I suppose all of her residents do , but I didn’t live here last fall – I lived two miles away – in another gigantically different place. That was on the Miles River – with the sunrise.  Here we have the afternoon sun & the sunset, and the light travels across the open Bay on top of us – it is definitely pinker/more orange here in general, than was the estate two little miles away on the Miles River. Cool, huh?

The big star lately is the volume of geese arriving in Vs, layers of them upon layers.  Temps in the mid 80s trick us into thinking it’s all a big movie, but the distant honking triggers old memories and sometimes you shiver automatically. It is coming, indeed.  Daylength has shifted so much already – and that ding dong ridiculous daylight savings time thing is coming up. Until then though – we have some long warm days to watch the harvest and the arrival of so many geese. Welcome back! You’re home, folks. Glad to see you.

Kevin has been playing around with driftwood with a notion to make a deer for some six months. It sits in the driveway, on an old iron sewing machine base. He works on it sporadically, but you can tell that he has a vision so compelling he will look at it, sitting in the driveway, every day for 6 months. I’ve blocked it, don’t even see it anymore – like our former neighbors in poor urban neighborhoods who would sit on the front steps and honestly did not see the garbage all around them.

Was it on NPR that I heard about the lovesick deer? Or did I read it? Anyway – the word is that Oct – Jan holds the record for the most deer/car accidents – it’s mating season and everybody’s…….. you know…….. lovesick.  So be careful and think about that when you see them bounding across the road.

~ by kbosin on October 12, 2010.

One Response to “Harvest, honking geese & lovesick deer…”

  1. looks like a deer to me… Go Kevin!!!

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