I wish you could

….hear the geese as they move in at dusk, filling the sky with their shadows and their symphony of sound. They slowly drop, falling in wide circles around this part of town, and broader circles toward the ex-cornfield in back. Choosing, I guess – their spot for the night. Such chatter! Happy Hour.

Sometimes in winter, they’ll fly all night. On the estate, we’d often hear them all night long, calling to each other; I’d sleep and dream that I was among them. And I was.

For the past dozen years or so, the sound and sight of geese flying in autumn was gut wrenching for me – I never knew exactly why. Seeing and hearing them, I’d feel such a deep longing in my soul to join them, just lift my wings and fly (on outta there, is what I was thinking. Get out of Dodge!). It was a deep and almost painful feeling, such a strong desire to get up and go with those geese – wherever they were headed, I was sure it was a better place than wherever I was. And in 2008, when we moved to the Eastern Shore and saw the geese arriving in long Vs, I recognized that the longing inside me had ended. At the same time, I realized that the geese were coming here for winter – all along I thought they were flying south, but they were coming here! Maybe somewhere deep inside my soul, I was longing to come home to Delmarva.

~ by kbosin on October 18, 2010.

One Response to “I wish you could”

  1. That was absolutely beautiful, K. I experience the geese from my side of the bay and I too am mesmerized by the sight and sound. How do they know to stay in that formation? How do they know who’s supposed to be in front? Such order and artistry. They know where they’re going and no one is left behind; I admire that.

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