Little dogs (as opposed to big ones)

Who knew how much I’d ever like little dogs? For most of my life, I didn’t get them at all. Irritating, high pitched shrieking, prissy little high steps – yuck. I always thought they were completely unimpressive.

Until I got one.

Actually, I fought Kevin long and hard on the whole Westie thing. Our friend Tammy offered a connection to a Westie puppy breeder, and although we both admired Zeke, her tough little Yorkie who lived on boats, I never thought Kevin would really do it.

Until he did.

I was so mad! What on earth are we supposed to do with a puppy, number one, and a Westie, number two? I mean – really! “She isn’t even cute!”, I’d say. This was her then:

Ok, now I can see, I guess she was cute. What finally got to me, after living with her for a week or so, is what she’d do on our walks. We’d walk a couple miles a day along the Mississippi River. And this ridiculous little puppy would, when I would fall behind for some reason, turn around and look for me, wait for me!!!! I never had a dog do THAT before. She would turn around and stop and wait – get the pack together. That’s when I started liking her.

The other thing about little dogs is how intimate they are. Because they’re small, they’re always on you – on your lap, on your bed, on the chair. NEVER would I let a dog up on the furniture! Until SHE came along. Now – forget it…… but little dogs will plop down on your lap, lay their chin on your leg, or on the table, and sit there, listening and watching intently. When you have a group around the table, they HAVE to be in on it. Sometimes in the middle of the night I’ll feel her get up and turn around, then lay back down and put her chin on my ankle. And it’s comforting now. Sort of like – we’re all in this together. It must be what it feels like to be part of the pack.

The only issue I have with her anymore is the barking – AARGH! Zip’s tragic flaw. And she started Jesse barking – Jesse, the angel in golden retriever clothing, who NEVER did one irritating thing in her life, now barks when Zip barks. Yuck.

I was thinking that maybe I should call Cesar the dog whisperer, and ask him to come to Mayberry and do a little community dog training thing. Like – here’s what all our dogs around here do: when a neighbor dog walks by another neighbor dog’s house – they freak out. And I mean – FREAK OUT. Hysterical shriek/barking. What is UP with that? Ten dogs on our two block main street in Mayberry. A stranger comes up, and nobody does anything. But Kingston, the teenaged Lab across the street who gallops by twice a day, every day, will elicit the most fierce barking you ever heard. Twice a day. Maybe Cesar can work a deal with the dogs that say, when a strange dog walks by – go ahead and bark. When a Mayberry dog walks by – one that is seen every single day – the dogs could just maybe yip one little friendly hello, like a wave. And that would be it. So when we hear crazed shriek barking, we’d know – wow – maybe something is going on out there. Talk about the boy who cried wolf. Barking dogs around here just mean zip – nothing at all. Although I do feel some relief about the fact that my dogs aren’t the only ones doing it.

Good idea, KB. I think  I’ll call Cesar right now. Maybe we can work a deal…….

~ by kbosin on October 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Little dogs (as opposed to big ones)”

  1. Aww, she was such a cute wittle pup! And don’t hold your breath for Cesar Milan – I heard that he NEVER comes to the East Coast!

  2. Well, darn it, maybe he’s been waiting for a community challenge…. This is it, Cesar – time for you to come east! To the land of pleasant living!

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