A village called Choptank….

on the Choptank River. Caroline County, MD. They once called it “Paradise”. Twenty minutes inland from Easton, you get there by crossing the Choptank River on the Dover Bridge, which always makes my heart sing……

Here’s Water Street:

They have a marina:

….lots of interesting history……

And some affordable waterfront….(Kevin says – “oooooooooo, KATHY! DON’T say that there’s affordable waterfront! What if WE want it????? And I say “aaaaaa, whatEVER. There’s plenty more where this came from………..”

Plus…. do we really want to deal with this sort of thing AGAIN?????

I doubt it. But I did meet a terrific Choptank homeowner named Grace who has a lovely home for sale there, just up the street, looking out over the marsh and the river. A big house. Nice.

I guess I love these kinds of places because they are so authentic, so real, so unchanged. But really – how do I know if they’re unchanged or not? They seem it – quiet little villages, people living their lives, on the water, by the water. No big huge development nearby, no big boxes, no traffic. Simple. A person could live quietly here, a simple, quiet, nature-filled life. Sounds pretty good to me.

But here’s the thing about the property – yes, it is a building lot. With all kinds of restrictions because of where it is on the waterfront (you can’t build beyond the footprint which is 420 sq ft, so you’d have to go up), but the main thing is – if everybody built a brand new house there, Choptank wouldn’t be nearly as attractive or interesting as it is right now. Go look around Lewes, Delaware, or other beach towns that are stretching out with more and more new development. It’s like Europe. If all the Europeans were into tearing down and re-building brand new homes all over Europe the way Americans have over the past 100 years – who the heck would want to go there to visit? What would be the point? The beauty is in the architecture, the old villages and cities with the old streetscapes and winding roads and sense of history. Go take a drive out in any American ex-urb and see how long you want to knock around and visit. Once you’ve been to one ex-urb, you’ve been to them all, IMHO. So – just because there’s affordable waterfront, does not mean that I’d want to build a house there, at all. Especially some ridiculous, vertical gigantic spiky thing sticking straight up into the land/waterscape, getting in the face of every piece of Choptank’s history. Yuck. Ugly Americans. Consume, consume, consume. Just say no.

Here’s  a different kind of vertical thing, sticking up in the sky just outside Choptank, but this one made me smile. And my mother would say “eeew….junky looking”.

Thank God we’re not all the same.

~ by kbosin on October 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “A village called Choptank….”

  1. what’s the square root of 420 = is it 24′. Cynithia can you hear me? we’re building a house

  2. i agree !!! wonderful lands!!!Wide and Wilde , Gorgeous !
    IF from FR

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