Team Nautica

So, did I mention that I am married to a guy who always gets to do whatever he wants to do? He’s amazing…. a role model, really. Right now, for instance, he’s hanging out in downtown Annapolis, on Elf, spending the night right at ego alley, at the Sailing Hall of Fame, with all kinds of other terrific beautiful sailboats and their associated interesting crews. It was a 80 degree beautiful indian summer day, and he’s been sailing across the Bay since noon…..

Anyway, so I wasn’t really so unhappy about the beard he’s been sporting, even though I teased him – it’s his face, not mine. But it’s funny, when Captain Rick invited Kevin to crew on Elf for a Nautica photo shoot on Monday, Kevin got super excited and decided to shave his beard. Which is a hoot, because, of course….he and Capt. Rick and John and Carly were CREW, they weren’t going to be the models actually being PHOTOGRAPHED on the boat, just the crew. The Nautica people brought along models, stylists, makeup people, directors, producers, boatloads of followers to the photo shoot. Our team’s job was to move the boat around the Miles River during the shoot. They did get to wear some sporty stuff though – here they are – Team Nautica – clearly pleased with themselves (over lunch).

This was after the morning shoot – young male models, pumping muscles as they’d handle the lines on Elf – meanwhile, the directors were yelling “crew – out of the way!” Here they go, off to the afternoon (bikini clad young women) shoot……

Motto: do what you love and the fun will follow.

~ by kbosin on October 28, 2010.

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  1. HAHAHA what a riot!

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