I watched Christine O’Donnell bury the hatchet

….with her opponent Chris Koons (who won the US Senate seat) today – at the historic Return Day in Georgetown, Delaware. 

I was so tempted to make wry comments about those photos, but, you know what? I’m taking Delaware’s lead, and turning away from the election and celebrating the end of the campaign…..and I also believe that we should be the change (oopphh!) that we want in the world, so – (aarrgghh….):

Since 1792, Delawareans meet in Georgetown – the county seat of Sussex County (Delaware has 3 counties) a couple days after any election, and the town crier calls out the results, surrounded by a crowd, a big parade and an ox roast, which is always free for everyone. They make all of the opposing candidates ride together in a horse drawn carriage for a parade, then they have to bury a hatchet in the town square together.

This year’s parade included four + high school marching bands, more than a dozen beauty queens and the Teamsters – all celebrating the end of the campaign. Which, really – oughta be celebrated. And that was the feeling around Georgetown today, in the rain – “thank god this is over”. Lousy weather always encourages crowd cohesion, and today’s crowd was no exception.

For some reason, the event ended up being an hour ahead of schedule, and I chose warm car over ox sandwich, but I can tell you that people were talking about the free ox sandwiches in between all the music (is that the same as pit beef? I dunno).

Three different versions of the Star Spangled Banner were sung, as well as very spirited versions of America the Beautiful AND the one about Proud to be American (cuz I know that I am free?) – which brought all the politicians to their feet and the elderly gentleman next to me almost toppled both of us, pumping his fist into the air. I couldn’t help but whoosh myself back into the 1800s, imagine myself standing there, actually waiting for election results in the town square. Can you imagine? Waiting for a public crier?

In any case, the Delawareans deserve applause for this custom – it felt civilized and actually like closure – closing up a long ugly campaign. Good for you, Delaware. Thank you.

~ by kbosin on November 4, 2010.

One Response to “I watched Christine O’Donnell bury the hatchet”

  1. I have always loved that Delaware does Return Day.

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