Square UP! The revolutionary little white plastic…

…. device that allows anyone to swipe a credit card without an expensive merchant account. Ours arrived in the mail yesterday – now, how cool is this? 2.75% plus 15 cents per transaction.

Inexpensive and accessible to all – they cite babysitters, as one example, on their website – check it out – www.squareup.com

What’s super cool about this is that it was partially invented by our colleague in St. Louis, Jim McKelvey who built a fantastic glass studio – Third Degree Glass. The other thing is that it’s mobile – we can take it to the farmer’s market, to outdoor events, anywhere.

Did I mention that ANYONE can get one of these – and take credit cards? This is revolutionary, folks!

~ by kbosin on November 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Square UP! The revolutionary little white plastic…”

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I am definitely checking these out! Thanks for the great tip.

  2. your hand model is amazing! i didn’t realize you guys know Jim McKelvey and that he partially invented this device. i blew glass once with him…made a heck of a lot of Christmas balls.

  3. Kathy that is the coolest thing! You’re right – it’s revolutionary!

  4. CASH is and always will be king I do not need your product and I do not like the idea of my customers money going through someone else hands thanks but no thanks.

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