A rural economy….

…is a cash economy. And it’s piecemeal – something here, something there. Of course, nobody ever says things are going ok, it’s always “slow, bizness is slow”. But so many people around here always have wads of cash, and they drive nice cars, and big trucks – big expensive trucks. So, things must be going ok.

I saw fewer tourists walking the streets with bags this past season, around the region. But I love talking with small business owners and lately spoke with one boutique owner in Easton who had her best year ever, and I’ve heard similar success stories from more than a few small restaurants, etc. There are plenty of thrivers around here.

And this gentleman, on the road towards Oxford, said he does quite well – one day he sold 150 quarts of strawberries, right here on the side of the road. The County doesn’t like it, of course….but he’s “got wheels”.

At 12 bucks a piece, they look delicious – said to be made by an 87 year old woman who’s been making pies all her life. Peach, apple, strawberry/pineapple, pumpkin, lattice crusts, gorgeous. Seems like a bargain. I asked how long he’d be there today, and he counted, “well, I’ve got 9 left……. another hour?” Cash only, of course. Save a peach pie for me!

~ by kbosin on November 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “A rural economy….”

  1. Well-known factoid about JohnnyOysterSeed: I love burned pies. Burned apple, burned berry, burned peach – bring ’em on!

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