Waterfowl Weekend

Anyone living around here will recognize this view – it’s the intersection of 33 and 322, heading into Easton.  And once again, the geese could be seen and heard flying home, into our region all weekend long. The 40th annual Waterfowl Festival began on Friday.

The Star-Democrat reported throngs of inspired people. I wouldn’t be surprised – it was a whirlwind, a very impressive event. We walked the closed off streets of Easton on Friday, and saw some fantastic sculptures – my favorites are the big bronzes. All representational, all wildlife, decoy auctions, goose calling contests, fly fishing, dock dogs, crabcakes, retriever contests, serious artists and serious collectors. My brother and sister-in-law rode the bus around to the various venues for events and loved them all. I met two collectors later at Easton Market Square who were thrilled with themselves and their purchases. Ya gotta love Easton’s dedication to arts – between this and the summertime Plein Air Festival, Easton deserves credit for making itself an arts destination. I’m really starting to admire and appreciate this little town, our County seat, celebrating 300 years on the Eastern Shore.

~ by kbosin on November 15, 2010.

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