Another independent bookstore closing up shop

Sigh. What a drag to read in the Star Democrat today that Harrison Street Books in Easton is closing its doors at the end of the year. Leaving us with the News Center – as the only bookstore.  Bummer!  Independent bookstores are so important, and so awesome – makes me so sad that they’re closing up shop -Harrison St. Books  was terrific with such a comfortable atmosphere. But hey – what kind of supporter was I, anyway? Bought maybe four books there since I moved here, not that I’m buying books elsewhere….I’m not…

Hey – all you Talbot locals (me too) – let’s buy our christmas gifts from these folks – help them out. Seems that they’re going to sell off their existing stock and push through to the end of the year. And let’s linger in there while we’re there, and imagine to ourselves – what if there were no more places like this at all? What if our entire retail environment was one chain after another, like so many outer suburbs around our nation? How do we want to use our purchasing power, as communities? And as we’re spending (we know we will) – let’s put our dollars where they help our neighbors, ok? Screw the 3 dollar savings by using, and get outside and let’s go into Harrison Book Store and buy somethin’ – eh?????

Sorry we’re too late.

~ by kbosin on November 21, 2010.

One Response to “Another independent bookstore closing up shop”

  1. Yes, the closing of an independent bookstore is a sadness, like another species going extinct. In addition to lamenting the closure of Harrison’s (too late to do anything about it), we should renew our support for the remaining Talbot bookstores — the News Center in Easton, the Unicorn in Trappe, Mystery Loves Company in Oxford, and Crawfords Nautical Books on Tilghman’s Island. All would welcome additional loyal patrons.

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