Authentic 1960s memorabilia

So, last week I talked about stuff and how much we keep, etc., and that I was going through boxes of ridiculous things that we brought from the midwest here, only to schlepp from place to place, then finally open and go – “what?”

So, today, we go through a bunch of boxes and Kevin hands me one labeled “kathy” in my handwriting from the early 90s, and I went – “whoa…not sure about that one…I’ll probably cry.” So, I opened it, and cried, and also let go of a lot of GUILT among other things, and anyway – found and kept a couple cool things from my past. One “joe” button from Joe Biden’s 1972 campaign for some Delaware office (his wife Jill was my 7th grade french teacher and his campaign was my first volunteer job) – AND – these three things that I’m wearing right now – a mood ring and two authentic 1970s leather wristbands – one with a turtle and one with my name on it. Also kept – two bags of Barbies including one Ken. Cool. I used to make Ken and Barbie kiss till I’d get a sore throat, then I’d quit (out of fear). I pitched all of my junk including my junior and high school yearbooks, among other things, and feel lighter as a result. Totally supercool. Flower power, baby!

~ by kbosin on December 1, 2010.

One Response to “Authentic 1960s memorabilia”

  1. Not to pick at nits, but mood rings are a 70’s thing.

    And you should be a hand model !!!!

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