yard art

Every community has at least one person whose idea of yard art strays from the norm. This guy removed the entire deck of the sailboat, plopped it in the yard, and decorated it with potted ferns this summer. A large American flag hangs from the mast. Pumpkins were added for fall, and I noticed that he planted small ornamental grasses all around it – see them? We can only expect that it will become a stage for some kind of Santa scene soon – stay tuned. 

I think the part about this that I like the most is knowing that there are likely some people who are all worked up about this, who can’t stand it and get all whipped up. That cracks me up. Freedom of expression – I’m all for it…..of course, I’m married to the guy who put a deer made out of driftwood in the front yard…….

~ by kbosin on December 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “yard art”

  1. I love those yard artist who step away from the mundane and really make a statement. Why not a sailboat, it seems fitting for the location. What else do you do with a boat that would stay afloat.

    Bravo, brave homeowner.

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