The blasted wind howls… 20 – 30 mph for two full days now, and I wonder how I’ll ever make it through another winter. Then I remember that this is a recurring theme – I wonder the same thing every year. I used to keep a copy of “Women’s Diaries of the Westward Expansion” to read at times like this, measuring my own relative comfort against the miserable, wretched winters of women crossing the country in Conestoga Wagons, burying babies left and right. But it never helped much; contemplating others’ misery never does.

I am hearing a lot of honking, and I watched some geese shoot across the dusky sky earlier, using the ferocious winds to their own advantage. Big rush – to where, I wonder? Who knows? Cool.

The sky looks like a watercolor. And now it’s dark, and hardly 5pm. I think of those living in Norway, and Canada, Siberia and Alaska, and wonder how they stand it. They must like it, I guess.

Trying to be a sport about the holidays (ugh), I think back on my childhood as I notice that the new neighbors across the street hung lights all around their house – it’s cheery, I suppose.  My family used to ride around to look at Christmas lights; I always like the all-blue-light houses best, and swore that I’d do that when I grew up. But now, in this decade, we get to see a lot of blow-up scenes – Santas, trees, reindeer sleighs, revolving snowball scenes. But doesn’t it seem like mostly, they look like this?

I seem to see more deflated ones than inflated ones. But I’ll keep my eye out this year, looking for especially cute holiday decorations. I tend to prefer the Martha Stewart look:

….but what the heck…..let’s go look for some good holiday decorations – why not? Good idea – Woo-Hoo!

~ by kbosin on December 7, 2010.

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