A trip to the City

What a ridiculous thing, to think of it as “a trip to the city”. It’s funny what rural living does to you, after a while. As I contemplate our trip to Philadelphia, it seems like such a big deal. “All the way up there”, “ugh, finding parking….what about rush hour??” The truth is, it’s a couple quick hours away and it’s Philadelphia – uh, yay Kathy, Philadelphia!

Living out in lots of space, with trees and fields and water as neighbors makes a person more of an island. There’s no brushing up against much of anything. Such a strange difference from a few short years ago, when the barn windows buzzed from the loud band playing in the tavern next door, and the brick walls themselves would shake. I loved the jostle and hum of moving about the city everyday.

I do look forward to Philadelphia, and love the Italian market, in particular. Those hip neighborhoods where our friends live and work, so much food, great art. Ok, now I can’t wait! But here’s the thing – it took a little doing to get there. Rural life sloooooowwwwwsssss me down.

~ by kbosin on December 10, 2010.

One Response to “A trip to the City”

  1. Go visit an Urban Outfitters store just for fun. Lots of cool stuff to look at

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