1972 Airstream – looks like fun or trouble?

Hmm. Kevin can’t stop thinking about this one, and he’s scheming with some pals. Independently, just this morning I was plunking around on some small house websites after seeing the chinese kid living in the egg on the sidewalk – http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/7598496-egghouse-anyone and http://www.weehouse.com/. We’re big fans of Rocio Romero and went down to tour her place once – www.rocioromero.com

Kevin is always talking about building houses out of containers and there are plenty out there doing just that, I’ve seen some great photos.  Airstream already designed a terrific small living space – you gotta love it. I remember going with Kev to look at one in St. Louis.  He wanted to put it inside our studio – the old monument company – it was going to be the coolest live/work space ever. It was a snowy day, and we drove way out into the suburbs, and the thing was cool, but it had a dank smell and I just felt turned off. We ended up just putting our bed in the corner of the warehouse and bought an old nurse’s station for a kitchen. Here it is with Kevin sitting on some fancy motorcycle that he just thought was the best – drive your motorcycle right up to your bed and go to sleep – you can see the bed in the back corner. WhatEVER. Thinking back, it was pretty fun living in there.

But back to the Airstream – I could vote either way on this one. How about you?

~ by kbosin on December 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “1972 Airstream – looks like fun or trouble?”

  1. The motorcycle musta been PFL inside the old monument factory.

    Airstream? Yes. Park it down by the water at the wharf (it’s still a public right-of-way)… waterfront for just pennies per day!

  2. Nuther idea: I’ll be you a barge for that Airstream…

  3. You know, a person could have an airstream and a barge and THAT could be the live/work….eh?? Especially if you could put the airstream ON the barge and take it off too….. that might just beat any other live/work that Kevin has already configured….ULTIMATE live/work! You’re so cool.

  4. BUy the airstream, extremely cool! PS – as much as I love Johnny, it’s cooler than him. I’m with Kevin on this one.

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