It’s Christmas time, and the air is filled with sounds of…….gunshot?

You bet! This is the Eastern Shore of Maryland and hunting is perhaps the number one winter activity. Everybody does it. The local gentlemen set up blinds in fields all around – here’s the one right behind our house – see it? We heard them yukking it up this morning, laughing and waiting for geese to fly near, and then a round of goose calls to lure them in.

It’s fair to say that we woke up with a “bang” today. It should be said that people are generous with the meat around here – deer and geese – and Carpenter St. Saloon often has simmering crockpots of local game that people bring in to share. And I’ll try not to say one tiny word about mating for life or mention the sounds of the hysterical flying partners who scream when one of their group goes down. Oh, I said it. I did have a big problem the first winter we were here, living right on the water and watching boatloads of hunters shoot tiny ducks and geese right in front of us, but I figure that, hey – this is the Eastern Shore of Maryland and if you don’t like it, leave. And I like it. So I’ll deal with it. And maybe by next winter, I won’t even mention it.

Barely an inch of snow from yesterday’s first real snow of the season. Pretty morning, a little sun peeking through. We walked down to the landing and watched a big container ship head up to Baltimore Harbor.

~ by kbosin on December 17, 2010.

One Response to “It’s Christmas time, and the air is filled with sounds of…….gunshot?”

  1. This post was sheer perfection. Truthfully me talking about it might just take away from the magic. I should just shush! But…

    You captured the flavor of the place, the weird-ish juxtaposition of Christmas and guns and then you left me with the haunting and poignant sound of hysteria.


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