A community Christmas party

Mayberry’s annual Christmas party was celebrated by all last evening – what a beautiful tradition. It was extra special this year because it was held in the church recently purchased by the community, which is under renovation (the hall ceilings, heavy with years of racoon poop – have been removed and it smells great in there now). Neighbors spent the day decorating – wrapping greens, garland, pine cones, wreaths on every window, on the tables, outside. Luminaries lining the walk lit the entry, and once it got dark nobody could see the construction dumpster in the front yard. It was beautiful!

 So now, close your eyes, and imagine and smell in your mind’s senses, a large table filled with every kind of savory deliciousness – turkey, dressing, casseroles, potatoes, lasagna, vegetables, cheesy whatevers. Ahh. Then picture the dessert table – yum! Young and old, red and blue, natives and newcomers, everyone came and the mood was so friendly and cheerful. When we slipped out, the Christmas caroling had begun. How sweet it is. Kevin and I thanked our lucky stars – what a community we landed in! Honestly, sometimes it feels like we’re in a movie.

~ by kbosin on December 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “A community Christmas party”

  1. Sounds fan-tastic!

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