Health of the Chesapeake Bay – from a “D”, up to a “D+”

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation today released its 2010 report on the Health of the Bay, with a tiny increase of 3 points overall but with 8 of 13 indicators rising. William Baker, CBF President rates the progress as moving from a “D” to a “D+”. I’m enough of an optimist to think that’s good news, but I’ll let you make your own decisions.

Link to the report –

Link to Washington Post article that also has a slideshow of amazing aerial photographs –

Link to a fantastic PBS video – Chesapeake Bay by Air – aerial video set to music – very slow to load but incredibly beautiful and reminds us what it is that needs saving, and why we must –

And remnants of a Christmas dinner conversation with Lamont Garber, Kevin’s brother, about the same topic – “what really needs to happen is not just a few things related to industry, but every single person in the whole watershed needs to make lots of tiny, everyday changes – from reducing in general, to composting, making different food choices, driving less, living closer to work, consuming less, refusing chemical fertilizers, eating locally, etc. etc. etc.”. Can we pull it off? I sure hope so. And hitting home – for me, specifically – can I do my share? Because it would mean big changes – no more 5 times a week trips into Easton, for instance. This is a topic for another post, but for right now – I’ll say this – I’ve got some changin’ to do, if I’m going to pull my weight.

~ by kbosin on December 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Health of the Chesapeake Bay – from a “D”, up to a “D+””

  1. Let’s see… Oyster farmers drive less, live close to work, don’t use fertilizer. In the bigger picture, oyster farmers help people in making different food choices and eat locally. And our product is not only delicious, but it helps clean the Bay!

  2. ok…..that’s it – I’m going to be an oyster farmer, stay home and eat local healthy water filterers………hmmm. How different is that from what I do right now? I love it!

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