….and there goes the neighborhood…..

We took a drive today. It’s warm – in the 40s and people are out walking again, moving about. We went down the long peninsula to a picturesque hamlet that we like to drive to – it’s pretty cool. A lot like Mayberry – waterfront, mix of old and new, super quiet.  And as we pulled into town, rounded that curve and looked east where everybody in town gets to see the lovely view…… THIS appears.

Once this kind of thing starts, there’s no end in sight. I was shocked. Here’s my problem with it – it hogs the community view of the water. It sits right in the middle of the town and steals the view. It’s big, ugly and presumably will be showboat-y in one way or another, certainly vertically it is – “look at me!” This is a tiny town of modest, quaint houses. This thing looks like it’s on a beach in North Carolina. YUCK. Does not fit. In my opinion, these people are not adding to the town, they’re seriously taking away. And hogging the view on top of it!  No, thanks. This is why we have zoning ordinances and such. What the heck happened, townsfolks? All of a sudden, I love historic preservation regulations.

Let me be clear – in the middle of the woods, on a creek or whatever – this would be fine. In the context of a historic small waterfront hamlet like this – wrong, wrong wrong. It should be against the rules and if you think that’s too constrictive, ask me what I think about Bed, Bath and Beyond and Ruby Tuesday sticking all out in front of YOUR neighborhood waterfront park. No thanks.

~ by kbosin on December 30, 2010.

One Response to “….and there goes the neighborhood…..”

  1. A lot of folks would *love* driving 30 seconds to the Bed, Bath and Beyond or Ruby Tuesday located at the end of the street – sure beats all those miles to Easton. Can we get a CVS, too?

    Unfortunately, we’ve got too many people with too little sense. Add a touch of nouveau riche and you get ugly, incongruous, and selfish houses. Sometimes I think the ELF folks may not be so wrong after all…

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