Goose IS red meat. No wonder it tastes like steak….

….well, it’s a slippery slope. Look it up on the internet and you can find both answers – goose is red meat and goose is white meat. I will tell you that we had a delicious meal last evening cooked by good friends, and that goose we ate was definitely red meat. Delicious. Here’s what wikipedia says :”birds which use their chest muscles for sustained flight (such as geese and ducks) have dark meat throughout their bodies.[4]

Also had an interesting conversation about the whole local eating part of it, perhaps it is indeed most responsible to eat that which abundantly covers all of our fields here in winter….just as the local cycles of fish and then crab, the fruits of our gardens and then soft shell crabs, perch, oyster, then deer and waterfowl season turn once again. I can buy that. It’s funny, as an urban dweller, the idea of eating goose never actually crossed my mind. Ever. We had some friends in Southern MO who hunted and ate a lot of game, but we thought that was just some Ozark thing.  But it does make sense from the local cycle of abundant-food-all-around-us point of view.  I always just thought of fruits and vegetables, fish and crabs when I thought of local food. The goose was really, really good. Who knew? (Duh, Kathy….)

~ by kbosin on January 2, 2011.

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