So there’s a”Crustacean Capturing Device Maker”…

in Southern Maryland, St. Mary’s County, I think. Laurie & Ed took us there right after we moved here, to get some crab traps. Neat place, cool guy, great traps – thanks Johnny, for reminding me of this guy. You can sorta tell by the way he letters his sign, that his traps will be tight and neat. And they are.

It is  indeed, in keeping with the timing of the year to think about and order new crab traps, fishing gear, boats, motors, tractors, all that. Garden plans and tree pruning needs and moving the hen-house. Winter is busy in rural areas and although the tourists are gone, the wheel of the local economy spins – with winter tasks and maintenance and planning and septic systems and tree planting and hardscape projects, etc. Maybe it’s time to visit the farm and see what Carol is up to ………

~ by kbosin on January 3, 2011.

5 Responses to “So there’s a”Crustacean Capturing Device Maker”…”

  1. Ya know what they say, “You can never have enough crustacean capturing devices”.

  2. ..And you definitely know – marketing is EVERYTHING….there are lots of people around the Bay who make crabpots…..but crustacean capturing devices? guy who does that…..god love him. You gotta appreciate the extra effort.

  3. I never went there but Ed loves him. Gotta love a man that wants to make a better crab trap. Yankee ingenuity.

    • Definitely a johnny oyster seed type. Make em and make them better, then re-design them better, then better again …… I think this is why engineers are perfectionists, they KNOW they can improve on it…..

  4. Googling Crustation Capturing Devises bc my three year opened a new net. Poppy Springer is making of the nets. Poppy and his late brother lived on this former farm property tht was their parents’. He was making nets and pots at least back in mid 90’s but probably earlier. I think he has retired but hopefully not! Glad to see someone else someone else appreciates his skills!

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