Miles Point will stay Green!

I went to the special meeting last evening of Commissioners of St. Michaels to discuss last minute options to save Miles Point – the 72 acre property in St. Michaels, just south/west of the Inn at Perry Cabin – from being developed into a traditional development of 238/247 homes. The Parish Hall was PACKED with people.  The town had been scrambling to raise 8.5 million to purchase the land back. The good news is that the same anonymous donor who stepped up to offer 5 million to the town’s effort to purchase the land back from the developers, is now taking over the contract, and agrees to keep the land protected from development while adding public access along with waterfront. Whew!  This is BIG NEWS, folks! This fight has been going on for over 12 years.

This is what it COULD have looked like:

~ by kbosin on January 6, 2011.

5 Responses to “Miles Point will stay Green!”

  1. I know our views differ on many things but this comment makes me happy. Much better to leave the land alone than have a bunch of stinkin houses on it. Besides, keep construction workers busy repairing what exists for a while instead of build, build, build more. Ok, I will climb down from my soapbox now.

  2. Can we get a facebook link from here? Jim & I have been involved for 10 years- it is so good to get it DONE. Many thanks to you all!!

  3. Thanks, Oasis in Space! And especially since you’ve been part of this effort for so long…thank YOU! A great reminder for anyone fighting the good fight to preserve land or anything else – sometimes good stuff takes a long time.

  4. Congratulations on achieving such a narrow-minded victory. If the founding fathers of St Michaels had worked as hard as you have at excluding others who wanted to live there…none of you would be there.

    Celebrate the fact that you get to keep your little town pickled in aspic and hope that your children and grandchildren can find someplace that will take them as there’s clearly no future in St Michaels for anyone who isn’t old or rich, unless it’s waiting tables for tourists and fossils.

    • Wow, Pat. Your comments are appreciated, for sure. It’s good to hear a different side – I’m all for it. So – you’re saying that Miles Point, if it were to be developed into 247 townhomes, would make St. Michaels more accessible? To people outside the tourist or rich boomer class? Really?

      I see properties all around this zip code under $250,000. That seems affordable to me.

      It’s the pure additional numbers – of new people, more cars, additional pressure on natural resources – that turned me off.

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