flat water day

Yesterday, the water was so flat and silent, that it was hard to believe it isn’t summertime. The Miles River was so blue and calm, I thought I was in the Caribbean.

Walking down to a cove off the Miles River, I admired a vulture, sitting in the sun. Ya gotta appreciate these scavengers, who reliably show up for every bloody mess around. I once watched an enthusiastic young woman with the Missouri Department of Conservation handle a vulture, and tell stories about these birds. She said that their defense against predators is unlike any other. When a vulture is feeding on a carcass, and other predators approach, the vulture can projectile vomit the most hideous, vile, disgusting, sticky, smelly mess, right into the predator’s face! It works every time. The predator slinks away, and the vulture goes back to its meal. Double dang!

We walked in the morning, then Michelle and I walked to the landing at sunset. I’m so glad that she moved back to Mayberry to write her dissertation! We saw two eagles way out sitting on pilings. I wonder if they were the pair that flew over Kevin’s head yesterday? The end of day was as pink as it could be. Pink, flat, silent. Me, walking briskly with my new pal, Kevin burning wood with his buddy, Thom – who helped load black locust for our woodstove.  Lucky, lucky us.

~ by kbosin on January 7, 2011.

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