Snowy Saturday morning

…perfect for staying in pjs and making bagels YUM. So many great radio stations around here – from DC and Baltimore, and public radio in Salisbury – there are some 6-8 great stations at the bottom of the dial here.  Always something new to listen to.

A bit ago, I took a ride into town – if we’re going to have snow, this is the perfect kind – lazy flakes that melt when they hit the road, but turn the ground white. And not too many of them, please.

Driving back, I watched a couple out walking stop to admire a large flock of geese honking overhead. The couple seemed to be having a wonderful time, and clearly appreciated the geese. I do too, and don’t get bored with them. Their honks are ever-present in winter, part of the background noise that you habituate to, after a while, you hardly hear them. Always on the move, always chatting it up with each other, traveling a lot, seeing so much – I think geese might actually have a pretty good gig. Think about things from their perspective, next time you see a big V of geese. If you were one of them, what might life be like? Where ya going? What are you talking about, with so much chatter? Probably the same stuff we talk about. Life as a goose. Probably pretty great….as long as you stay away from the hunters.

I like to think about what the birds are seeing up there – project my own perspective up above, like google earth, and, look down on these waterways and fields. I do that with little planes a lot, too…..just imagine what they’re seeing, from their perspective, way up there. My sister once had a friend with a small plane and I got to fly across the Bay in it a couple of times – a little four seater. It was fantastic. Once there was a big nasty thunderstorm, and we just flew around it – you could see the edges of the thunderstorm – there it is, and there it isn’t. And we just turned and did a circle around it. Cool.

~ by kbosin on January 8, 2011.

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