SWAT – ummmmm….. Someone With A Trash bag? See Who Always picks Trash? What on earth does SWAT mean? I saw this sign maybe ten times before I finally associated it with a person a half mile away, draped in orange with a trash bag, walking along the side of the road.

Two cool nature connections this afternoon – first – I was driving up a long lane and saw a hawk flying low with a squirrel hanging! He dropped it, I got out and looked around for him, and he flew over, shrieking at me – whoa!

Second – on the way out, I watched a herd of deer. 9 counts as a herd, I think. They just stood there and watched me watch them. Who’s looking at who? Well, THEY live there, not me. I know that deer are commonplace, especially around here. Well, heck, so are geese. But I get a kick out of seeing them, connecting as we do when everybody stops – and looks – straight at the other. A brush with nature. Or – rather, a brush with neighbors. And then – just as I type this – I hear – BAM! A neighbor, I suppose – going after another neighbor……I guess living in the country isn’t so different from living in the city after all.

~ by kbosin on January 10, 2011.

One Response to “SWAT?”

  1. That stick-man figure certainly *is* striking an aggressive posture towards that rubbish silhouette…

    BTW, if you want a good chuckle at equally silly roadway signage, just google the words “stick figure in peril”

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