Supper tonight – fresh-seasonal-local-wild-caught rockfish. Fantastic.

Carol’s husband Mark is a waterman, and sometimes the catch is great – and we all get some of the bounty. It always comes out of the blue – someone drives up to your house – (can you imagine?), gets out a big cooler and brings a big fish, right into your kitchen. Wow. So cool. So generous! Thanks, guys! Carol brought one yesterday that Thom cooked last night – here it is:

Beautiful! The commercial fishermen are slammed with rockfish. Wow! Let’s go see that, huh? I’ll line it up.

In the meantime, see below how Carol cooked the rockfish last time – scaled, gutted, placed on a pan with garlic and olive oil. Baked – hot oven. 400? Say, 30-40 minutes? Probably. With a few potatoes and some bitter broccolini greens roasted alongside. Soft, firm, delicious.

~ by kbosin on January 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Supper tonight – fresh-seasonal-local-wild-caught rockfish. Fantastic.”

  1. Yum. Much better than the leftovers I have planned.

  2. Tasty fish!
    Bad pic of Kev!

  3. I think Kevin looks adorable presenting the fish!

  4. You are just sticking up for family, you dearheart. God love ya.

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