Geese again…..

…….honking overhead………groups swirling down in wide circles, wings out………..being shot in the field behind the house (BAM! yelp! screech!)…….feeding on the ice and the monoculture of our neighbor’s perfect turf…….and appearing on more than one piece of watercolor paper in the studio……..

Winter’s visitors to our shore, more numerous than the summertime human ones……discovered this winter getaway long ago. How many generations of the same lineage have walked these fields? Like crabs in summer, geese swamp our daily life. But the days are longer now, and two short months from today we SPRING ahead, increasing daylength by that extra hour. The geese will be fattening up for their spring migration then, and we’ll be doing the opposite – once temps reach the 70s, we’ll switch to salad for lunch. But until then, we watch and listen and wonder (and eat cheesesteaks, burgers and stew).

The Baltimore Sun talks about how the Bay might freeze over ??? as in years gone by….but I sat bayside yesterday, watching tundra swans take turns jumping and diving into the whitecaps for lunch, and I cannot imagine the ice reaching that far. Of course, stories abound of the old days when people could walk across the Bay, but those whitecaps are big, and that Bay reaches some 9 miles across, and I can’t imagine that much ice.

~ by kbosin on January 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Geese again…..”

  1. “…and we’ll be doing the opposite” – I LOVE that, Ain’t it the truth!

  2. who did that first picture? love it!

    • Kevin! There are geese all around and he’s got that super cool studio – he’s going there every day and making stuff. No doubt being away from me and my pain for as many hours as possible is part of the motivation, but whatEVER! Good for him.

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