The Place Where You Live…..Orion Magazine

Orion Magazine online has a super cool place where you can (I did) pinpoint the place where you live, post some pictures and talk about it. I LOVE this kind of stuff, and spent most of the morning, plunking around, appreciating everyone’s entries. Go look. Post where you live. Join in.

You can see my entry at ( but honestly, it’ll be more fun to post your own…….. and let me know when you do, please. I totally LOVE this stuff.

~ by kbosin on January 15, 2011.

6 Responses to “The Place Where You Live…..Orion Magazine”

  1. That is so beautifully written. This should be the preface to the book you should write and put your pictures in.

  2. Ditto what Charles said!

  3. I took your advice:
    (You have to click on some of the pictures to allow them to load)

  4. How wonderful, Kathy 🙂

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