Go love your dog


…right now…..if you’ve got a dog nearby – just go give her some love. (I once had a neighbor across the street who came over once and said – “can I rub on your dog? I just love your dog, I’d like to rub on her…..” so, as weird as that sounded, I liked this gal, and said – “sure” and she came over and hugged Jesse and Jesse loved her back).

And now, years later, it seems that Jesse tore up her ACL pretty bad, and we’ve decided not to do the surgery thing (she’s 11, and we did a cancer/leg amputation/aggressive treatment once for our last older dog, Murphy, and agreed we’d never do it again. So, here we are. Nobody’s dead yet, but there’s a somber mood and I keep crying. Jesse is an angel and we are lucky to have known her, and are super lucky to have some extra time with her. Period.

Go love your dog.

~ by kbosin on January 20, 2011.

6 Responses to “Go love your dog”

  1. I know the joy of having a wonderful dog and the pain of losing one. It took us two years to get over the loss of our last dog, Penny. She was the most wonderful yellow lab who loved to make everyone happy. I used to take her to nursing homes and she loved it, the patients loved it, and I loved it. I hope that our new three month old yellow lab named Katie will follow in our last “daughter’s” pawprints and do the same thing. She is already making people happy. She seems to be the most open, cheerful puppy to date. Hard headed too, I might add. Any clues on how to stop the howling that comes from crate training. Never did this before and I look like a mother who has a colicy baby. The bags under my eyes are big enough to go on vacation fully packed. Yes, love your dog.

  2. So well said, we need to love all of the friends in our life, especially the furry four-legged ones who love us unconditionally, who sense our moods, who make us smile and protect us. I will now go to love my dogs, even if the puppy is trying to steal my gloves and boots. Woof.

  3. Thanks to you both. It’s so difiucult, saying goodbye. And even knowing we have extra time with Jesse….is good. I guess it’s very good.

  4. love Jessie. love you. Love my 15 yrar old Digdog

  5. I can testify – Jesse is a sweetie! You can be seated with your hands in your lap, and she’ll stuff her head underneath your hand and look at you with those “love me” eyes – too cute!

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