The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum boat shop

What a cool place – it’s in St. Michaels, MD and it’s a real boat shop – they bring old boats back to life here.  In fact, this is the part of the Maritime Museum that makes it so unique and different – hands on boat restoration that’s open to the public, anyone can come in and watch and learn and ask questions. Here’s the boat shop one day in the summer when I stopped in for a visit  – take a look around, and then when you’re nearby – come take a tour. The museum is a fantastic local treasure, and there is a LOT to see here.

 Kevin volunteers on Monday mornings, and loves it. Sometimes he works on boats, sometimes he moves boats around. He’s done his share of scraping and schlepping, I think. A highlight was one day this summer when the Caleb Jones skipjack was splashed, after a 4 year restoration….everyone was excited, the boat was in picture perfect condition, a crowd was gathering, and as the skipjack was being rolled down into the water, Richard Scofield (boatyard manager) tossed Kevin the bowline. Wow. Talk about excellent volunteer recognition – every moment of Kevin’s hard work was paid off in that one instant. He loved it!

~ by kbosin on January 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum boat shop”

  1. I just love places like this. I could spend a day just looking at all the “stuff”.

  2. Extremely cool. Some of the blocks are the size of a small refrigerator!

    Shoutout to my local peeps: the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons is very cool, too – but the museum in St. Mike’s definitely takes the cake!

  3. Tell Kevin that as a volunteer at CBMM he is welcome to join the group below.

    Tom Russell
    Group Manager
    Traditional Sail Professionals (LinkedIn)

  4. Thanks guys! Charles, you’d definitely love it. Johnny, you’re absolutely right – the Calvert Marine Museum is also wonderful PLUS they have those river otters that a person could watch all day! Tom – thanks for commenting, and I’ll pass that word along to Kevin.

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