Hunters at the landing

So, the other day Kevin and I took a walk after the upsetting vet appointment, trying to wrap our heads around Jesse’s torn up knee. We got there, and there were some hunters with their boat, which was a good diversion, because I had so many questions. Specifically – how many of you fit in there (up to five), aren’t you freezing out there all day (nope, we’ve got propane heaters), etc. So we chatted and watched them pull everything in. The one guy offers Kevin a goose – “want one?” There are a pile of dead geese laying in the truck. Being Kevin, he says “Yeah!” all bright-eyed about it. And I’m like “….really?…..”  Thinking…..we’re on a walk to contemplate our dying dog, and you’ll walk home with a dead goose in your hands? Isn’t that kinda……oh, I dunno……messed up? And then of course, me being me, I had to walk a half block ahead of him going home, there was no way I could look at that still warm, totally dead goose. I’m trying, but am slow at all of this. I’m still more comfortable with little chunks of meat cleaned and wrapped in plastic, than the whole dead body of any animal. Unless it’s a fish or a crab. Yes, I read all of the Michael Pollan books and Barbara Kingsolver living the farm life, and I love that stuff. But having an already cleaned goose or goose breasts on your kitchen counter is different that the whole dead animal. Plus, the handing over of a dead goose all mashed up with the Jesse thing is confusing. I’ll admit, I’m slow to adapt to all these parts of the rural life, but I’m getting there…..

Then, later, in the studio, this:

~ by kbosin on January 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hunters at the landing”

  1. MMMmmmm, smoked goose… You can smoke all kinds of stuff; goose, oysters, bluefish, cheeses – all extra yummy following an interlude in the smoker!

    • Well, come on over here Johnny and have some with us. Kevin has been smoking goose bites wrapped around peppers with bacon and they’re pretty great!

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