A sense of place

I love this sign, on Rt. 33, pointing down a long road into the woods. Talk about “a sense of place”. I never drove down the road, but I always think about it when I go by, and I wonder if I’d like my name on a list like that (yes).

I’ve always loved places that have a name – “Pot Pie Farm”, “Circle B Ranch”. There’s a lot of that around here.  I like the name “Thanksgiving Farm”, toward Easton. But the white arrows in the picture above are simple and speak of – “community, home, belonging” and I would love my name on a list like that. I do feel a part of Mayberry, for sure, but I’m still quite aware of our transition and our temporary footprint here. It’s very interesting to be a renter, and to NOT spend time or energy on a home – fixing, renovating, landscaping, etc.  All of that takes up an astonishing amount of time and energy, which becomes available once you’re not fixed in place somewhere. I’m enjoying this free, lightweight and nimble lifestyle, but am feeling roots starting to grow – into Talbot County, into Delmarva. A definite connection with this place.

~ by kbosin on January 30, 2011.

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