Goose season is over……

Met a local gentleman at the landing this morning who was grumpy and totally bummed about the end of goose season. Gotta wait another year. Depressing. Nothing to do now, except make eel traps – eel season starts in March, and they all get shipped live overseas. It was pretty interesting to hear how they catch and keep them, and prepare them for live shipping in waxed boxes with a scoop of ice. The conversation was lively at first, then turned that old familiar way – downward and gradually louder. It goes something like this –  They blame the watermen for everything. The Bay is so filthy and the crabs are down. The fish are down. Kids can’t get into the water because it’s so damn expensive. They let the deer run all over and you can’t get enough of them. How are you supposed to make a living anymore? They let the rockfish get so damn big, then they wonder what’s happening to the crabs? Don’t have much education but we’re not stupid. The oysters are down and they say it’s our fault. They stopped Miles Point but they let people build these big houses up and down every quarter mile between Easton and Tilghman Island. How’s a kid supposed to afford a boat and all the licenses these days? They think we’re idiots and they never ask us. They have three new restaurants coming into St. Michaels and two are sushi. They’ve got red tides all over the Choptank and don’t say that the St. Michaels sewer plant works right half the time. Etc. We froze, standing there, listening to all of this. Friendly enough guy, but when he was done, he fired up his pickup truck and drove away……and I felt exhausted. I wonder if he felt better, after blasting all that energy out. I guess goose season is over, and there’s not much anyone can do about it. Period.

~ by kbosin on January 31, 2011.

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