Just fueling the fire…c’mon DNR – what’s up?

Two news reports in the past two days – WBOC Delmarva and the Star-Democrat – about Dorchester County watermen who found suspicious looking devices attached to their boats. On the scene, the State Police and the Dorchester County Sheriff’s representative were “sent away” by a Maryland Natural Resources Police officer. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is refusing to comment on this so far.  And the boats in question were indeed owned by fishermen who were cited on more than one occasion for illegal fishing in one way or another.

No wonder so many watermen hate the DNR.  I cannot imagine for one minute why the DNR would put anything on anyone’s boat – that’s just plain dumb AND illegal. And not necessary – they could very simply develop new rules about monitoring commercial fishing boats and force every single waterman to put a tracking device on their boat. Why is the DNR not saying anything here? I guess the lawyers are hard at work. It’s adding fuel to the fire. Not worth it. All that said, I’ll also say that I think the DNR should indeed use tracking devices to monitor fishing on the Bay. But do it the right way, eh? And speak up now, please – and tell us what’s going on.


I’d add a link to the Star-Democrat, but I don’t have a paid subscription, so can only read a tiny bit of each story online. I can get the entire New York Times online for free, but I have to pay for a subscription for the Star-Democrat. Puh-leeezzzzz.

~ by kbosin on February 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Just fueling the fire…c’mon DNR – what’s up?”

  1. The Talbot Watermen’s Assn’s facebook page and blog has a link to the Star Dem article http://talbotwatermen.com/2011/02/01/watermen-find-devices-on-boats/

  2. Thanks, Tracey!

  3. Thank you for this post.We would welcome tracking devices if they would do it right.Not all watermen are poachers and bad people.Most of us are hard working honest family people.I would love to put this on our web site.If that is ok with you.

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